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We work exclusively with business leaders that have a mission, product and/or service that can make a positive contribution to create a better world. Watch this video and then discover more about our ideal clients below.

Our Ideal Clients

Below is a description of the ideal clients for Conscious Growth® for our upcoming Retreats, our Inner Circle or as a private Consulting client. We have also provided an overview of a few of our recent clients from different industries that we have been honored to serve.

About the Owner and Company


Client Profiles

Alternative Healthcare and Sustainability


Who they are: Since hiring Conscious Growth® Elixinol grew from startup to one of the most respected and prominent CBD brands in the world.

Why we love them: Values aligned founders with a mission to provide alternative health and wellness products, integrate sustainable ingredients and packaging, donate to charities and build an amazing culture.

How we helped: We played an integral role in the entire launch and growth strategy of Elixinol from building their brand identity, business development strategies, hiring top talent, creating their mission to give back and deliver world class customer experiences. 

Mental Health, Wellness and Education

Amen Clinics and BrainMD

Who they are: Amen Clinics is a world renowned pioneer in brain and mental health research and treatment. They have 9 clinics around the United States with over 200 incredible staff, BrainMD is a research backed supplement with some of the highest quality ingredients and formulations to promote brain and total health.

Why we love them: Their mission is to End Mental Illness. They provide an incredible alternative approach that empowers patients and other mental health professionals through their diagnostic approaches and natural treatments.

How we helped: We supported with strategies for education, partnership and outreach to mental health professionals and other referral partners through Amen University and worked closely with the team at BrainMD.

Health, Fitness, Recovery and Optimization


Who they are: Leading edge company providing scientifically proven solutions for many health conditions through Whole Body Vibration. Their clients are top Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Specialists and direct to consumers. 

Why we love them: They are a family owned business that created Hypervibe to provide affordable solutions to increase and improve the quality and longevity of life for people around the world.

How we helped: We worked closely with the founders to architect World Class client experiences, education, training and partnership programs for medical professionals, therapists and trainers around the world. We also created a Corporate Wellness program for businesses including traveling to Google Headquarters. Integrated a giving back program, advised with international distribution and much more. 

Childhood Education

Fueling Brains

Who they are: A global leader in early childhood brain development. They provide virtual education to children and integrating their science based approach and technology into school districts around the world,

Why we love them: Heart centered founders committed to transforming childhood education and brain development which will lead to a better world.

How we helped: When the pandemic first hit, we immediately helped them pivot from their existing brick and mortar daycare centers and launched Fueling Brains as a new business model. We first provided remote learning to parents and children in need with schools closed and then architected and created business development strategies to integrate their learning system into top school systems and Head Start schools. We also helped to set the foundation and create momentum for global expansion. 

Alternative Healthcare, Education and Transformation

Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement®  

Who they are: Anat Baniel is a renowned expert on brain health, human performance and rehabilitation that has developed a proprietary technique that has helped to transform lives. She has a certification training program with nearly 1,000 practitioners around the world

Why we love them: Anat Baniel and her practitioners around the world are positively impacting the lives of countless people with their methods.

How we helped: Supported with internal operations, leadership and culture while identifying ways to increase practitioner enrollment and engagement through marketing and customer experiences. 

Professional Services

Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Team

Who they are: One of the top producing mortgage origination teams in the nation based in San Diego and Las Vegas. 

Why we love them: Amazing founders and business partners that have a fun culture that gives back to their local community while also producing significant results.

How we helped: We facilitated a dramatic pivot to engage with the top real estate agent partners in the industry by creating a partnership program unlike anything seen in the industry before including hosting high end masterminds and architecting World-Class client experiences on behalf of agents to their clients. This resulted in significant year over year growth. We also supported with telling the story of their culture to attract and retain top talent and the impact they are making in their community through charity and outreach.  

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