Conscious Growth® Leadership Retreat

Clarify your Purpose and Accelerate Your Impact
Join us April 19th - 24th in Tucson Arizona

About the Conscious Growth® Leadership Retreat

This is an exclusive opportunity to unplug from the stresses and influences from the outside world and to go within to gain access your own internal guidance system to discover insights and gain clarity for your business and your life.

You will be led on a journey with an exclusive group of like minded business leaders to discover how to create deeper alignment with your business and life’s purpose to successfully navigate through these times and to utilize your leadership skills to create a positive impact in the world.

In addition, we have designed this experience to exclusively invite a small group of mission driven leaders that are committed to masterminding and supporting each other’s Conscious Growth.

Luxury accommodations

We have selected one of the top rated resorts surrounded by some of the most pristine desert landscape in the world. You will be treated to an all inclusive experience with luxurious accommodations and experiences based on your specific needs, desires and intentions for your stay.

We have partnered with an incredible group of expert nutritionists, healers, intuitives and practitioners that are at your service to provide a transformative experience for you.

Highly personalized experience designed for you

If you are chosen to be part of this exclusive retreat, Doug and his team will invest time in advance with you to gain clarity on why you are attending, what if any challenges you are facing relating to stresses in your business or personal life, feelings of being stuck and what specific outcomes you are hoping to achieve as a result of your participation.

We will schedule customized services and treatments ranging from energy healing sessions, massages, acupuncture, astrology readings, holographic memory resolution, shamanic healing, health and wellness counseling and many other sessions

Combining adventure and nature

One of the most effective ways to access your internal guidance system and gain clarity in your business and life is to invest time adventuring in nature.

You will be invited to participate in early morning hikes into the desert where you will walk on land occupied by indigeneous tribes and even see ruins while on the trails. These moments of reflection and connection to the wisdom of the desert provide incredible opportunities for insight.

Masterminding and Collaboration

Each day we will be facilitating conversations around your business and life’s purpose and provide you with expert guidance on how to increase your overall success while having your business be a catalyst for positive transformation in the world.

The business leaders that are committed to developing a powerful mission to do good in the world and weave that into their culture, business development strategies and customer experience are the ones that will create the greatest levels of success.

You will have an opportunity to clarify your purpose and mission while masterminding and sharing best practices with like minded leaders.  Our intention for you is to have a clear plan to put it into action.

Team Building, Mindfulness and Play

Our time meeting inside will be limited to only a few hours per day. The rest of your experience will be filled with incredible individual and group activities designed to inspire and activate your passion and purpose.

From high ropes course to floating meditations and yoga, you will discover ways to access your own internal guidance system such that you can call upon it anytime you wish.

Invest time under the stars

Whether you choose to be alone in reflection, walk around the resort or sit by a bonfire at night with like minded leaders, there is something truly magical about being under the stars in the desert at night.  

Your Investment of $11,000 includes:

  • Airport transfer to and from Tucson International airport
  • All meals from gourmet chefs in addition to amazing smoothie bar and station
  • Five night stay at Miraval Resort and Spa
  • Custom curated individual healing sessions and treatments for you
  • Facilitated masterminding and one on one support from Doug
  • Group activities including ropes courses, hikes, yoga and more

Apply now to join us April 19th - 24th

Our intention is to have a small group of like minded business leaders that are committed to using their leadership skills to create a positive impact in the world while supporting others to do the same. If this describes you, we are excited for the opportunity to support you on your journey.

If you would like to be part of this exclusive Conscious Growth retreat, please fill out the form to schedule a confidential call with Doug to see if you would be an ideal fit.
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